The Restaurant

The restaurant is made up of various environments: a large hall with a capacity of about 50 seats comfortably seated. It is a loggia of about 100 square meters, bordered by three sides of windowed walls, covered with ceiling with trunks in white wood beams and glass shaded by white curtains. The room overlooks the surrounding countryside and the Tiber valley, and is also the passage between the bar area and the other saletta made in the rock of the main house, which can accommodate another 10 seats, and a buffet area for the Lunches and events on a wall equipped with wine and books display. Peperoni slabs, natural stone walls and wooden ceilings are the cornerstone of an elegant and informal setting. The halls are illuminated by lanterns or iron appliqués, and are finished entirely in wood and white.

Variable menu with seasons and garden products as well as the campaign. At this time we have zucchini, aubergines, 4 varieties of organic potatoes, including the purple ones. Carrots, beans, cherry tomatoes, melons, watermelons, pumpkins.

Fruits of our trees: peaches, plums, wild plum, pomegranates, pears, apple apples, black figs of 3 types. All fruits used to produce jam.

The dishes we serve on the table are mostly processed with our products and with the spontaneous herbs we find, from the pork, to the wild anchovy, to the wild fennel, chenopodium or flour, malva, nettle … can not Then miss the many varieties of spontaneous aromatic herbs or our cultivation, including: basil, oregano, mint, mint, sage, thyme, tarragon, chives, celery, marjoram, rosemary, laurel, etc …

— Services for the events —

On request, we prepare menus for special occasions such as company dinners, wine tastings and cheese with our own jams. Our olive oil tastings accompanied by homemade bread with antique grains.

Location for events and ceremonies, with custom menu, with the frame of the surrounding garden.